King upgrades weight room

King upgrades weight room

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BRISTOL, Tenn. – Over the summer, King University decided to upgrade their weight room with new equipment for the student-athletes and student body to use when classes begin in August. King strength and conditioning coach, Derek Harrison headed up the improvements that consisted of four new power racks and benches to go along with 1,600 pounds of bumper plates.

“We now have essentially two weight rooms at our disposal,” Harrison said. “One is resistance machine based, and the other is a free weight athletics style weight room.”

The King athletic department worked with Any Body Fitness in Knoxville to purchase the new equipment. King purchased four new power racks and Olympic lifting platforms with custom colors and logos. They also bought four benches to go with each rack, several new Olympic bars and 1,600 pounds worth of bumper plates.

“The new weight room equipment will help take our strength and conditioning program to the next level,” men’s basketball associate head coach Nick Pasqua stated. “It provides us with the flexibility to workout at different times of the days, and to constantly change our routines up to challenge our players. This is a huge addition to the athletic program and will pay dividends right away for every sport on campus.”

This new equipment will be beneficial to the Tornado student-athletes as they prepare for the upcoming seasons, but it will also be beneficial to the King student body as well. The power racks and benches will allow more students to get a workout in at the same time, which means more students will be able to utilize the facility on a daily basis.

“The new equipment will allow our sports teams to work out quickly and efficiently while still leaving another open area for other individuals to work out,” continued Harrison. “This is a huge step forward for both athletics and the university as a whole. I think this really puts in perspective how much King cares about creating a great environment for student-athletes.”