King Men's Volleyball visits Church Hill Intermediate School

In late September 2012 the King Men's Volleyball team visited Church Hill Intermediate school to promote education and the sport of volleyball.  Coach Ryan Booher and eight men's volleyball players(Michael Koebel, Ashton Hippenstiel, Ned Parker, Matthew Delong, Matthew Lychock, Jeff Bosslet, Stephen Brown, and Nick Serowski) visited Church Hill Intemediate School.  The whole school(about 300 students) came out to watch the players show off their volleyball skills.  The players did a hitting demonstration followed by a quick 4 vs 4 game.  After the match Coach Booher and the team talked to the Church Hill Students about the importance of education.  The Tornado stressed how it is important for students to maintain their academic work so they can have fun and play sports like volleyball.   A brief Q & A session followed the talk with the students having many questions for the players.  All in all the King Men's volleyball players gained some great new fans and spread the importance of education first.

Last Sunday an article thanking the King Men's Volleyball team was posted in the Kingsport Times News.  Here is the link to the article:

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