Athletic Director David Hicks' Blog

Athletic Director David Hicks' Blog

Have you ever wondered what goes on in the mind and life of one of King Tornado's busiest people? Take a year-long journey with Athletic Director David Hicks as he gives you a slice of the inside scoop of what is happening in King Athletics, Conference Carolinas, NCAA Division II, or the sporting arena in general. The West Virginia native is well traveled and has worked across all three major divisions of NCAA athletics, so his stories are plentiful and his vision on college athletics is insightful. 


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2013-14 Archives

Ninth Edition (Current) - New Ideas

Eighth Edition (4/23/14) - Passing of another year

Seventh Edition (3/6/14) - March Madness

Sixth Edition (2/7/14) - Some things never change, but remember the "firsts"

Fifth Edition (1/6/14) - To the New Year

Fourth Edition (11/16/13) - Goals, Goals, Goals

Third Edition (10/3/13) - Special Moments

Second Edition (9/11/13) - The season is here!

First Edition (8/23/14) - New Beginnings

2012-13 Archives

Eight Edition (6/25/13) - Summertime!

Seventh Edition (4/4/13) - Where is spring....Tornado athletes competing worldwide

Sixth Edition (3/13/13) - It's all about the seniors.

Fifth Edition (2/21/13)  - Rankings Matter!

Fourth Edition (2/7/13) - Spring sports and winter weather!

Third Edition (1/25/13)  - A flurry of activity makes for many sources of pride. KU!

Second Edition (1/9/13)  -  New year, new things ... but success is constant!

First Edition (12/8/12)  - Welcome to my blog! Now what to write ... ??