New King Arrives on Campus, Twister Welcomed as New Mascot

New King Arrives on Campus, Twister Welcomed as New Mascot

BRISTOL, Tenn. – On the dawn of the 2011-12 King College athletic season, a new face and personality has been welcomed that will inspire the King community for years to come. So long as King College has existed, it has been known for its beautiful landscape, incredible academics, ever-growing athletic program, and alumni that proudly represent the College across the globe. After today, King will also be known for the new face leading the charge into the coming years. In front of a packed house at the MacClellan Hall Dining Center, “Twister” was introduced as King College’s official mascot, earlier today.

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More than 450 King students, faculty, and staff members crowded into MacClellan Hall to celebrate Twister’s arrival on Friday, Sept. 2. Attendees witnessed Twister’s life story by video before he made his grand entrance in front of the immense crowd. At approximately 11:15 a.m. on Sept. 2, the legend of Twister began!

Twister is a fearless lion that represents the determination and courage reflected in King’s adventure as a second-year NCAA Division II institution. Equipped with his King colors of navy blue and scarlet red, Twister dons the number 11 on his back while rallying those in Tornado Athletics and the King College community.  Twister has already been seen in and around Bristol and King’s campus but now will be a mainstay as he adventures to the various athletic events in support of King student-athletes.

Not only will Twister be seen around campus, but he will also be seen throughout the community, as well. Twister will be making appearances at various events in Bristol and surrounding communities, as requested. For more information or if you are interested in Twister supporting your event with an appearance, contact Ryan Gasser, sports information director for King College athletics at 423.652.6368 or

Twister’s Story… 

Twister began his life as a small cub in the jungles of a faraway country looking for a place and meaning in life. Not sure of what he could contribute toward society he set out on an adventure that took him over mountains, through jungles, across rivers and oceans, and straight to New York City for a chance to find where he truly belonged.

Twister quickly found out that the big city was no place for a lion with his mischievous personality, excitability, and need for constant interaction from those around him. So, he set out on a second expedition with no real idea where his final destination would be. By way of dirt roads, railroad tracks, and numerous roadways, Twister crossed into the sister cities of Bristol, finally feeling more “at home”.

Numerous career paths including a musician, pace car driver, and general laborer around town just did not suit Twister. He wanted more. On one of his many walks around the town, Twister stumbled upon the School where legends were born. It was time for him to begin his own legacy and King College was just the place to do it. King became his home.

Twister did not begin his career at King as a mascot. To repay the College for his stay, he attempted many odd jobs including a cook, cafeteria server, and librarian. However, like many other jobs prior, they just did not work out. While walking outside of the Student Center Complex on campus, a light bulb went off in his head signaling a brilliant idea. After meeting with athletic director David Hicks and presenting his credentials, he became the College’s first ever mascot, the face of King College and Tornado athletics.