King Alumni Reconnect, Compete in Ironman Triathlon

King Alumni Reconnect, Compete in Ironman Triathlon

Alumni Tim Hayse '02 and Lucas McCain '03 met first at King College, but leave it to sport as the reason for their reconnection.

Through faith and sport Tim Hayse and Lucas McCain first met on the King College campus to work a basketball camp held in the summer of 1999. They later became teammates over the next three years but reconnected well after their playing days. Leave it to sport as its reason.

Following their graduation from King, both men ventured off in different directions to start families and careers. They both also took up another activity that would later reunite them in the most unlikely of scenarios.

Hayse and McCain stayed in touch loosely over the years following their graduation. Both started looking for more ways to stay active and healthy. McCain gave triathlon a shot in 2005 after his father encouraged him to try it out.  Hayse decided to try triathlon in 2008 without any knowledge of McCain’s participation in the sport. They were hooked.

“I remember racing in the fall of 2009 at Fall Creek Falls State Park,” McCain said.  “It was hot and I was hurting on the run.  Then I heard someone shout, ‘Go get ‘em Luke.’  I was shocked because I absolutely knew the voice, but it had been a few years since I’d heard it.”

Even though the men live more than 1,000 miles apart, turns out Hayse was competing as well. The two reconnected after the race, and they have met at several races across the country since then.

McCain and Hayse competed at the Ironman Wisconsin in Madison in September 2012.  Both men showed great determination and completed the grueling race which consisted of a 2.4 mile swim, a 112 mile bicycle ride, and a full 26.2 mile marathon run, which included a loop to the field of Camp Randall Stadium, home of Wisconsin Badgers Football.

McCain finished with a time of 10 hours, 51 minutes, and 58 seconds to place 33rd in his division.  Hayse came in with a clip of 12:30:04.

Hayse credits triathlon as being more than just a hobby.  “Triathlon has been way more than a sport to me,” he said.  “It has been an inroad into my community, a place for solitude, competition, fun, and travel.  It has enabled a healthy lifestyle that has had ripple effects into every area of my life.”

McCain graduated from King in 2003 with a B.A. in History though pursued a technological career where he worked for Health Care Corporation of America.  In 2010, Lucas moved to Boulder, Colo. to run a tech start-up in the endurance sports industry.  He also is part owner and editor of 303 Triathlon News.

After a great career as a student, athlete, and a Fellowship of Christian Athletes leader, Hayse graduated from King in 2002.  After graduation, he married outstanding King volleyball player, Robin Vadney (’02), and they moved back to their home state of Florida. The couple returned to Tennessee where Tim is the Assistant Pastor at the Northshore Fellowship Church in Chattanooga.  They have three children, Noah, Anna, and Avery.

Hayse and McCain continue to keep in touch despite their busy lives, talking about training schedules, life, and their fond King memories.  Both know their involvement in the demanding sport has grown into a sustainable, healthy lifestyle and a way to keep connected.

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