1991-92 Men's Basketball Team

One of the most successful years in the history of King men's basketball came with the 199-92 basketball seaosn. This talented men's team, led by coach Marty Street finished the season with a 28-3 record. The team swept their conference tournament games adn appeared in the NAIA national tournament. Seventeen of the 28 wins were posted with a margin of more than 15 points, and 11 wins had greater than a 20-point margin.

Throughout hte season, there were several players who were major contributors statistically. Brian Combs was the point leader in 17 of the 27 games and was the assist leader in 19 of 28. He led hte team with 517 total points in the regular season, 180 coming from behind the arc and 65 coming from free throws. He also led the team wtih 178 assists and 80 steals. Al Simmons had the highest number of rebounds in all but one of the team's matchups. Averaging 17.0 points and more than 11.0 rebounds per game, Simmons was the only player with a double-double. Kevin Combs scored 440 points for the season and added 118 assists. Scott Easterling, Mike Elliott and Steve Lentz all contributed more than 200 points toward the team's winning season. Eleven of the 15 players on the roster maintained a field goal percentage higher than 50.0 percent. Five of those players' percentages were greater than 60.0 percent. The lowest free throw percentage for the team was 58.0 percent, with eight players' free throw percentages about 75.0 percent. Four players' percentages were 80.0 percent or higher.

Team members: Pete Ballauer, David Bowery, Brian Combs, Kevin Combs, Scott Easterling, Michael Elliott, Brad Jenkins, Chris Kirkpatrick, Steve Lentz, James Mullins, Daniel Owens, Al Posades, Al Simmons, David Smith, Matt Tarpley, Russell Wattenbarger, and coach Marty Street.