Tornado top Pitt-Greensburg

Tornado top Pitt-Greensburg

BRISTOL, Tenn. – Bouncing back after a two-week losing streak, the King University esports Overwatch team found a win against the University of Pittsburgh-Greensburg on Sunday evening.

FINAL SCORE: King 2, Pittsburgh-Greensburg 0
MAPS PLAYED: Watchpoint: Gibraltar and Horizon Lunar Colony


  • During defense on Watchpoint: Gibraltar, the team rallied around the tank play of Zachery Hughes and Cory Carder to zone Pittsburg from the payload after it had only reached one checkpoint.
  • Supported by Sam Oplinger and Samuel Addison, Hughes earned gold medals in damage dealt, eliminations, and objective kills.
  • On attack, the team won a quick fight at the beginning of the match and pushed payload quickly to secure the first map in under two minutes.
  • Starting on defense again, the team held Pitt-Greensburg at bay for five minutes on Horizon Lunar Colony, winning the defense round.
  • After one team fight on attack, King quickly secured the control point to close out the series.
  • Nate Williams was awarded play of the game on Genji during King's swift attack on Horizon Lunar Colony


  • "It feels so good to finally overcome the mental block that our losing streak caused," said team captain Hughes. "We're going to use this win as a catalyst to turn our season around as we gear up to compete in the ECAC.