League of Legends begins ECAC 2-0

League of Legends begins ECAC 2-0

Bristol, Tenn. - The King University League of Legends team made their 2020 debut against Caldwell University and Thomas College with impressive 2-0 and 2-1 match victories. The support/bottom duo Sam Oplinger and adc Nate Williams paved the way for the Tornado with a combined KDA's of 7/10/74 and 53/11/41 across all rounds, respectively.

FINAL SCORES: King University 2, Caldwell University 0; King University 2, Thomas College 1


  • At 2:26 King grabs first blood when Dustin Estes uses Zac's long distance engage to evaporate Caldwell's support in a 3v2 level two spike with Nate Williams and Sam Oplinger.
  • The bottom duo gained a 3-1 lane kill lead that set up for a lightly contested dragon, resulting in two deaths for the Tornado. This resulted in a deadlock in gold earned for each team, but King had gained the mountain dragon buff.
  • After returning to lane Nate quickly picked up a kill on Lucian with a nice root and well timed ultimate.
  • Caldwell's jungle face checked bottom lane, but rather than returning to base the duo bush camped until Caldwell's support walked into evaporation range. This trade gave King a 1000 gold advantage.
  • The major turning point in the match was a triple kill from Nate Williams. Sam Oplinger made the engage for an easy turret dive kill for Xayah. Dustin Estes followed up with his incredibly long Zac engage, allowing Leona to use her ultimate and stopwatch extremely effectively. This combination set Nate Williams up for a devastating triple kill and gave King a 2000 gold advantage.
  • A midlane gank from Dustin Estes set up a double kill and later an easy cloud dragon.
  • Later, Nate, Sam and Dustin turret dove Caldwell's support/adc for a double kill, first turret and no deaths.
  • Meanwhile on the top lane, Yokie Creasman sat on his proverbial island. He was leading the game in farm, had a 200 gold bounty, had already gotten the first kill on Sion and had completely pushed wave in and gotten top turret.
  • In addition to this good news, midlaner Viegar got a huge shutdown on Leblanc who was leading Caldwell with 7 kills.
  • At 20 minutes King had an 8000 gold advantage and essentially marched straight to the Nexus for the first round win.
  • Nate Williams led the Tornado with 14 kills. Yokie Creasman held the best KDA by finishing 2/0/3 with 190 cs as Illaoi. Sam Oplinger had 20 assists. Dustin Estes finished with a whopping 7 kills and 14 assists.


  • Both teams five stacked to begin the second round.
  • Caldwell had reevaluated their early strategy following the first round and got the first two kills from a nice Olaf gank.
  • But a great play from Nate Williams as Miss Fortune and Sam Oplinger as Yuumi set up the kill on Soraka.
  • Shortly following, Dustin Estes as Lee Sin comes in to help out with the turret dive on Caldwell's adc to even out the gold advantage King had given earlier.
  • King sacrificed three whenever the infernal dragon spawned. This gave Caldwell back the gold lead, but a perfectly timed smite from Lee Sin gave the Tornado the buff.
  • Yokie Creasman was again leading cs in this match, and had created a lot of top pressure
  • King regained the gold lead at 12 minutes with another turret dive from Nate, Sam and Dustin. This set up a free cloud dragon and an even greater lead.
  • Soon after Nate Williams grabbed another double kill. Sam Oplinger as Yuumi was 5/0/4 and leading the Tornado in kills before this point.
  • Yokie Creasman soon destroyed top turret after a Dustin Estes gank. His cs was massive at this point.


  • Shotcaller and Jungler Dustin Estes five stacked The Tornado for an invasion on Thomas' blue buff. The strategy payed off extremely well as adc Nate Williams was able to get the first blood bonus of 400 gold and return to lane with an obvious advantage.
  • Caldwell's mid lane Karma managed a double kill early when Lee Sin went for a gank and Olaf unexpectedly showed up. Later though she would be shut down by Veigar.
  • The first blood advatage that bottom recieved allowed them to control lane extremely well and gain a 50 cs lead within 10 minutes.
  • After some help from Dustin Estes, Nate Williams and Sam Oplinger were able to take the first tower and roam for eliminations and objectives.
  • The continued strong, objective play from Dustin Estes provided King with the first two, dragons and the rift herald. This ultimately enabled them to take the first three towers.
  • After slaying the third consequtive dragon, King immediately pathed to and got the baron nashor.
  • With a free baron and a 5000 gold advantage King took the nexus in a final push to win the first round.


  • Round two opened up with little action, but Thomas' midlaner was doing a great job of keeping midlaner Fizz off experience and cs.
  • Jungler Dustin Estes stepped in early with a huge shutdown on the growing midlaner and then followed up with a solo elimination on their jungler.
  • The bottom lane duo would gain a massive lead in lane but the strength of Thomas' top and midlane proved to be too great.
  • Thomas won the second round to even the match score 1-1


  • Round three began with a 5 point from both teams. It was clear they had gained mutual respect throughout the previous rounds.
  • The final matchup was easily one of the most exciting in King League of Legends history as the gold lead changed 6 times in this round alone.
  • Thomas' top and mid laners did an incredible job of keeping order with an increasingly powerful adc Nate Williams.
  • Dustin Estes macro managment in the final minutes of this round resulted in King making a fluent, coordinated push to take the final 5 towers and win the final match without giving up a single kill or objective.
  • Nate Williams finished with a 9/2/6 Xayah and Sam Oplinger with a 0/4/10 Morgana.


Sat., Feb. 29 the League of Legends team Alfred State Esports