Top finishes for Tornado Wrestlers at King Open

BRISTOL, Tenn. – King College collected a dozen Top-6 finishes at the third King College Open Sunday.

The Tornado's top attached finish came from Dondricus Anderson (Macon, Ga.) with a runner-up effort in the 285-pound class. He had three wins in route to the championship, including a pin in just 34 seconds.

Richard Williams (Nashville, Tenn.) and Caleb Myers (Greeneville, Tenn.) both were second in their respective weight classes. Williams picked up three victories before the championship meeting with Myron Bradbury, from Lindsey Wilson (Ky.) College. Myers also had his hand raised three times in the 133-pound bracket. Two of his wins were via pins.

Cullen King (Memphis, Tenn.) had four victories and finished third in the 125-pound division.

Patrick Spano (Tampa, Fla.) used a 16-1 decision for third in the 165-pound division.

Phil Ramirez (Virginia Beach, Va.) was sixth in the 157-pound standings thanks to two wins to start the day.

Two King unattached wrestlers won their weight classes. Will Bell (Miami, Fla.) and Dyvon Passmore (Miami, Fla.) won the 157 and 165-pound divisions, respectively.

Also as unattached competieives, Dakota Moore (Pemberton, N.J.) finished as runner up in the 174 with Jon Forbes (Miami, Fla.) third. Moore's championship match went into overtime. Alex Holley (Louisville, Tenn.) was sixth in the 133. John Cox (Abingdon, Va.) posted a fifth-place run in the 165-pound class.

In all, over 300 matches were contested in 10 weight classes at nearby Viking Hall.

King will travel to the Kauffman – Brand Open to compete on Nov. 20 in Omaha, Neb.

2010 King College Open Top 6 Finishers

125 Pounds
1st Myron Bradbury (Lindsey Wilson)
2nd Richard Williams (King)
3rd Cullen King (King)
4th Andrew Tillman (Spartanburg Methodist)
5th Tyler Reed (Ohio Valley – Unattached)
6th P.J. Martinez (Cumberlands Ky.)

133 Pounds
1st Tim Thurston (Campbellsville)
2nd Caleb Myers (King)
3rd Blaine Smith (Ohio Valley – Unattached)
4th Calob Perkins (Cumberlands Ky.)
5th Matt Stanfield (Cumberland Tenn.)
6th Alex Holley (King – Unattached)

141 Pounds
1st Jacob Gregory (Cumberlands Ky.)
2nd Ryan McKenzie (Cumberland Tenn.)
3rd Matt Scheve (Cumberland Tenn.)
4th Dustin Davidson (Cumberlands Ky.)
5th Brian Beatson (St. Andrews)
6th Matt Camp (Campbellsville – Unattached)

149 Pounds
1st Chris Teague (Unattached)
2nd Sieji Borja (Newberry – Unattached)
3rd Sam Conners (Campbellsville – Unattached)
4th Derek Murddock (Cumberlands Ky.)
5th Tyler Harshbarger (Lindsey Wilson)
6th Matt Slone (Campbellsville – Unattached)

157 Pounds
1st Will Bell (King – Unattached)
2nd Zach McCormick (Lindsey Wilson)
3rd Richard Manwarren (St. Andrews)
4th Zach Howerton (Newberry – Unattached)
5th Chop Condon (Lindsey Wilson)
6th Phil Ramirez (King)

165 Pounds
1st Dyvon Passmore (King – Unattached)
2nd Nico Niday (Ohio Valley –Unattached )
3rd Patrick Spano (King)
4th Mike Clark (Campbellsville – Unattached)
5th John Cox (King – Unattached)
6th Quinten Brooks (Campbellsville – Unattached)

174 Pounds
1st Ben Wood (West Virginia Tech)
2nd Dakota Moore (King – Unattached)
3rd Jon Forbes (King – Unattached)
4th Brad Clark (Ohio Valley)
5th Slade Madden (Cumberland Tenn.)
6th Will Vincent (Lindsey Wilson)

184 Pounds
1st Allen Scruggs (Campbellsville – Unattached)
2nd Adam Phillips (Belmont Abbey)
3rd Chase Long (Ohio Valley)
4th Dave Newman (Newberry – Unattached)
5th Kyle Stygler (Cumberlands)
6th Jon Salada (Tennessee Chattanooga – Unattached)

197 Pounds
1st Karl Reed (Newberry – Unattached)|
2nd Justin Cooper (Lindsey Wilson – Unattached)
3rd Jacob Bradford (Lindsey Wilson)
4th Courtney Freeman (Cumberlands Ky.)
5th Sam Kuntz (Tennessee Chattanooga – Unattached)
6th Keyshon Flores (Spartanburg Methodist)

285 Pounds
1st Kevin Malone (Tennessee Chattanooga – Unattached)
2nd Dondricus Anderson (King)
3rd Tyler Pace (Cumberlands Ky.)
4th Matt Wade (Newberry – Unattached)
5th Teddy Furnish (Lindsey Wilson)
6th Zach Freet (West Virginia Tech)