Tough Competition Meets Tornado at Day One of National Duals

Tough Competition Meets Tornado at Day One of National Duals
SPRINGFIELD, Ill. – King College Men's Wrestling opened with a victory over Minnesota State-Mankato at the NCAA Division II NWCA/Cliff Keen National Duals but suffered back-to-back defeats against No. 1 Newberry College and regional rival Limestone College.

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King defeated MSU-Mankato after winning their final four bouts of the match in succession. Down 14-7 after the first six contests, Matt Bogardus (Nyack, N.Y.) began the streak of 12 unanswered points with a 9-4 victory over Brendan Eichman (174). Brandon Tressler (Orlando, Fla.) followed suit in the 184-pound class with an 8-4 victory over Brandon Pederson. Nationally-ranked Frank Morgan (Maynardville, Tenn.) took Pat Mahan (197) into overtime and prevailed in a low-scoring, 2-1 match that helped King retake the lead from the Mavericks, 15-14. Heavyweight Dondricus Anderson (Macon, Ga.) sealed the match for the Tornado with a 3-1 decision over Nathan Haynes (285) for the win.

Round two pitted King against the nation's top-ranked team, Newberry College. Newberry ran the table through the middle weight classes, taking seven straight bouts to help toward a 24-6 victory over the Tornado. Morgan earned his second victory of the day with another overtime victory, this time against Zach Anderson but again by a 2-1 decision. Jerrelle McCabe (Virginia Beach, Va.) earned the Tornado's other win against the Wolves in a 6-4 overtime win against John McDonald.

The Tornado continued its quest toward a medal against regional rival Limestone College but fell short in a 16-15 loss to the Saints. The deciding match involved Morgan and No. 1 Dan Scanlan and sent the senior into this third overtime bout of the day. Behind 13-12, the two grapplers went to the overtime session where Scanlan prevailed with a two-point victory, 4-2. The win gave the Saints a four-point lead with one bout remaining. Dondricus Anderson pulled away with the win, a 7-4 decision over Charles Weber, but was not enough to force a tie.

Morgan and Anderson both finished the day with 2-1 overall records to spotlight King's individual performance in the first day of the National Duals, held in Springfield, Illinois. The Tornado have been eliminated from medal contention despite their opening round victory.

The tournament hosted to Division II, III, NAIA and NJCAA institutions for both men's and women's divisions and is being held in the Prairie Capital Convention Center. Action will conclude today with all medal rounds being decided.

MSU-Mankato vs King College (TN)
  Match Summary    MSUM   KING 
125  David Demo (MSU-Mankato) over Tanner Bates (KING) Dec 5-2   3 0
133 Cullen King (KING) over Brian Reisenauer (MSU-Mankato) Dec 6-3    0 3
141 Tywan Claxton (KING) over Paul Norgren (MSU-Mankato) Maj 14-1   0 4
149 Jesse Westphal (MSU-Mankato) over Nicolas Stella (KING) Maj 14-1   4 0
157 Tel Todd (MSU-Mankato) over Jeremy Miller (KING) Dec 5-1   3 0
165 Cody Quinn (MSU-Mankato) over Patrick Spano (KING) Maj 14-0   4 0
174 Matt Bogardus (KING) over Brendan Eichmann (MSU-Mankato)
Dec 9-4
  0 3
184 Brandon Tressler (KING) over Brandon Pederson (MSU-Mankato) Dec 8-4   0 3
197 Charles Morgan (KING) over Pat Mahan (MSU-Mankato) OT 2-1   0 3
285 Dondricus Anderson (KING) over Nathan Haynes (MSU-Mankato)
Dec 3-1
  0 3
  Unsportsmanlike 125# - 1.000 (KING)      
  Dual Meet Score   14 18


Newberry vs King College (TN)

  Match Summary    NEW  KING 
125  Jerrelle McCabe (KING) over John McDonald (Newberry) OT 6-4   0 3
133 Matt Oliver (Newberry) over Cullen King (KING) Dec 4-1   3 0
141 William Young (Newberry) over Tywan Claxton (KING) Dec 9-8   3 0
149 Deral Brown (Newberry) over Nicolas Stella (KING) Dec 6-3   3 0
157 Taylor Knapp (Newberry) over Jeremy Miller (KING) Dec 8-4   3 0
165 Sean Byrnes (Newberry) over Patrick Spano (KING) Dec 4-0   3 0
174 Travis Sheehy (Newberry) over Dyvon Passmore (KING) Dec 5-0
3 0
184 Mitch Brown (Newberry) over Brandon Tressler (KING) Dec 6-2   3 0
197 Charles Morgan (KING) over Zach Anderson (Newberry) OT 2-1    0 3
285 Jake Elkins (Newberry) over Dondricus Anderson (KING) Dec 5-2   3 0
  Dual Meet Score   24 6


Limestone vs King College (TN)

  Match Summary    LIME  KING 
125  Jerrelle McCabe (KING) over Eric Rholetter (Limestone) Dec 9-2   0 3
133 Michael Magaha (Limestone) over Cullen King (KING) Maj 9-1    3 0
141 Tywan Claxton (KING) over Kenneth Kampnich (Limestone) Dec 5-3   0 3
149 Shawn Landgraff (Limestone) over Nicolas Stella (KING) Dec 7-3   3 0
157 Jeremy Bommarito (Limestone) over Jeremy Miller (KING) Dec 6-0    3 0
165 Patrick Spano (KING) over Daniel McGillivray (Limestone) Dec 7-4   0 3
174 Matt Bogardus (KING) over Bryce Sopko (Limestone) Dec 6-3
0 3
184 Landon Hall (Limestone) over Brandon Tressler (KING) Dec 5-3   3 0
197 Daniel Scanlan (Limestone) over Charles Morgan (KING) OT 4-2    3 0
285 Dondricus Anderson (KING) over Charles Weber (Limestone) Dec 7-4   0 3
  Dual Meet Score   16 15