Autrey selected to be NCAA DII National SAAC Representative

Autrey selected to be NCAA DII National SAAC Representative

BRISTOL, Tenn. – King University swimmer Alexia Autrey has been named to the NCAA Division II National Student-Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC), one of four new members elected to serve from 2019 through the 2022 NCAA Convention.

The Conference Carolinas Student-Athlete Affairs sub-committee nominated Autrey and three other student-athletes from member institutions for the National SAAC, and the NCAA notified Autrey of her selection in early January.

"When I started the process I wasn't sure what the outcome was going to be," Autrey said. "When I received the email for the final four I got more excited, and when I received the last email I was very honored."

The NCAA Convention ended last week, meaning Autrey's term now starts as she will attend four conventions over the next year. The NCAA National SAAC is comprised of 27 members, one from each of the division's 24 conferences as well as one from an independent institution and two at-large representatives.

"Alexia has been a great representative for her team from day one," Assistant Athletic Director/SAAC Advisor Nancye Rahn said. "In her first meeting for SAAC she volunteered to be a Make-A-Wish co-chair and was also chosen to attend the Conference Carolina SAAC Retreat. She is going to be a great addition to the NCAA Division II National SAAC."

The National SAAC members serve as liaisons from campuses, conferences and on a national level, helping with feedback and reporting on behalf of their conferences. The members vote on a number of NCAA Division II committees, including the Management Council.

"My interest towards it came from looking online and reading about it," continued Autrey. "I saw how much of a difference people on the National SAAC can make, and I really wanted to be involved in that. There are a lot of leadership skills that go behind it, and I really wanted to try to put all of the skills I have learned throughout the year to it."

The selection for Autrey marks the first student-athlete King has had to serve on the NCAA Division II SAAC in the eight years King has been a NCAA Division II member. Autrey is not only excited for King, but she hopes to learn a lot about leadership over the next three years.

"I feel very honored," stated Autrey. "I was honestly taken by surprise when I got the email in January. After three years of serving on the National SAAC I will understand what it takes to be a successful leader and I can take every skill that I learn and contribute that to a company."

Autrey is currently a Make-a-Wish co-chair for the King University SAAC and she will travel to her first national meeting in April.