Ilina attends Women's Leadership Symposium

Ilina attends Women's Leadership Symposium

Women's Leadership Symposium

BRISTOL, Tenn. – Earlier this spring, King University tennis coach Mariia Ilina was selected to attend the Women's Leadership Symposium (WLS) in Kansas City, Mo. Ilina was one of 100 participants that were selected to attend the WLS, which aims to expand the participants' network and promote the recruitment and retention of women working in intercollegiate athletics administration.

At the event, Ilina and all of the attendees learned about personal branding, individual strengths and values, resume building, interviewing along with goal and vision setting.

"The Symposium was an invaluable and empowering experience," Ilina said. "Meeting other coaches and women in athletic administration has provided me with an opportunity to learn and be prepared to better serve our student-athletes. The events were focused on fostering leadership and communication skills that will help me become a better coach and mentor."

Ilina attended sessions focused on different tactics to gain trust with athletes as well as reaching out to other coaches and administrators to understand the different sides of athletic administration. The attendees learned how to combine the talents they had for their respective positions and how they can coach their student-athletes to do the same.

One of the biggest things Ilina took away from the WLS was how the leaders stressed body language and crediting their student-athletes and colleagues as well as being assertive and confident.

"Athletes often don't realize how much impact positive language and body language has on them and how important it is to have a positive attitude, think positive thoughts, and confidence; whether it is on the tennis court, in the classroom, or anywhere else," Ilina finished. "It was very interesting and empowering to learn more about the effects of appropriate language and body language and I feel that my student-athletes will benefit from learning about this as well."

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