King College Women’s Volleyball is offering middle school and high school aged volleyball players the opportunity to spend a portion of their summer improving their skills with Head Coach Chris Toomey and the Lady Tornado.

Join the team and its coaching staff for one of three summer camps to hone in on and learn new volleyball skills from some of the best in the region.

June 26-28 - Middle school ($135, $150 after June 15)
July 2-3 - High School hitters/setters ($100, $110 after June 22)
July 5-6 - High School defense ($100, $110 after June 22)

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* payment must be made prior to the camp beginning by mailing in a check *

Make checks payable to:
King Women's Volleyball
1350 King College Road
Bristol, TN 37620

For additional information, please contact the King Volleyball Office at 423-652-4342

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By submitting this application, you hereby authorize the camp director to act according to their best judgement in the event of any medical emergency.