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Tornado Women’s Wrestling Jumps to Second in National Rankings

Tornado Women’s Wrestling Jumps to Second in National Rankings
BRISTOL, Tenn. – The Women's College Wrestling Association (WCWA) has released their second set of national rankings. King College has jumped two spots from their previous ranking and is now ranked second nationally.

The Tornado made the jump over now No. 3 Simon Fraser, who King defeated handily on Oct. 9 at Oklahoma City University, and No. 4 Cumberlands (Ky.). King has yet to play Cumberlands this season but will face off with the Patriots at least twice in a pair of dual meets later this season. Oklahoma City University retained its No. 1 national ranking, remaining undefeated after 10 duals.

Missouri Valley and Missouri Baptist, both teams King has defeated this season, are ranked eighth and 10th, respectively.

King (7-1) has seen multiple wrestlers move up in the top-8 individual rankings. The Tornado now have two grapplers at the 101-pound division inside the top-8 with Tatiana Perez (Woodbridge, Va.) and freshman Victoria De Lac (Graham, N.C.) are ranked fourth and eighth, respectively. Emily Martin stayed atop the 109-pound weight class while Kayla Bartosch (Triangle, Va.) moved into the top eight, now ranked sixth, at 116 pounds.

Standout Alli Ragan (Carbondale, Ind.) is ranked first in the nation at 143 pounds. Kayla Brendlinger (Slippery Rock, Pa.) and Sara Hildebrandt (Granger, Ind.) moved into the three and four spots at the 123-pound division. Julia Salata (155), Lorrie Ramos (170) and Katarina Perez (136) also moved up in their respective rankings. National champion Marina Lambert (Chesapeake, Va.) remains ranked second in the nation at the 191-pound division, despite being held out of competition through the first two weeks of the season.

The next WCWA rankings will be compiled Nov. 1. Rankings will be put together the first and 15th of each month until January.

Women's College Wrestling Association Rankings (as of Oct. 15, 2011)

1. Oklahoma City
2. King
3. Simon Fraser
4. Cumberlands
5. Wayland Baptist
6. Lindenwood
7. Jamestown
8. Missouri Valley
9. Menlo
10. Missouri Baptist/Waldorf


1. Emily Webster, Oklahoma City
2. Daphne-Ann Hodgson, Simon Fraser
3. Brianna Rahall, Oklahoma City
4. Tatiana Perez, King
5. Sherylyn Sabado, Menlo
6. Opelia Felipe, Cumberlands
7. Akira Pena, Wayland Baptist
8. Victoria De Lac, King 

1. Emily Martin, King
2. Britney Heatherly, Missouri Valley
3. Kristi Garr, Oklahoma City
4. Michiko Araki, Simon Fraser
5. Michelle Canete, Jamestown
6. Jessica Nguyen, Cumberlands
7. Lauren Richardson, Menlo
8. Ofelia Valdez, Wayland Baptist

1. Gabrielle Henry, Cumberlands
2. Joey Miller, Oklahoma City
3. Natalie Rutt, Jamestown
4. Chloe Ivanoff, Simon Fraser
5. Kayla Bartosch, King
6. Alexis Rodriguez, Lindenwood
7. Caitlyn Chase, Missouri Baptist
8. India Walker, Lindenwood

1. Michaela Hutchison, Oklahoma City
2. Shauna Isbell, Lindenwood
3. Kayla Brendlinger, King
4. Sara Hildebrandt, King

5. Tessa Ma, Simon Fraser
6. Brazel Marquez, Menlo
7. Samantha Gonzales, Wayland Baptist
8. Dana Karkar, Waldorf

1. Cianah Hee, Cumberlands
2. Tiffany Sluik, Jamestown
3. Audrey Morehouse, Oklahoma City
4. Hanna Martin, King
5. Brieana Delgado, Oklahoma City
6. Tarkyia Mensah, Wayland Baptist
7. Tiana Camous, Lindenwood
8. Randi Beltz, Lindenwood


1. Tessa Plana, Oklahoma City
2. Amanda Hendey, Oklahoma City
3. Rachel Shannon, Lindenwood
4. Janeisha Woods, Wayland Baptist
5. Laura Gordon, Simon Fraser
6. Katarina Perez, King
7. Julie Johnson, Waldorf
8. Lauren Louive, Cumberlands

1. Alli Ragan, King
2. Jennifer Page, Oklahoma City
3. Tanya Kusse, Lindenwood
4. Demi Strub, Oklahoma City
5. Courtnei Mudge, Lindenwood
6. Tamrya Mensah, Wayland Baptist
7. Sidney Morrison, Simon Fraser
8. April Ritts, Waldorf

1. Kristie Davis, Oklahoma City
2. Justina DiStasio, Simon Fraser
3. Julia Salata, King
4. Valerie Rosales, Wayland Baptist
5. Brittany David, Lindenwood
6. Sydney Nelson, Cumberlands
7. Jordan Hagerman, Missouri Valley
8. Megan Agajanian, Cumberlands 

1. Brittney Roberts, Oklahoma City
2. Hillary Greening, Simon Fraser
3. Jenna McLatchy, Simon Fraser
4. Brenda Mendoza, Wayland Baptist
5. Kendra Lewis, Lindenwood
6. Lorrie Ramos, King
7. Brittany Jones, Missouri Valley
8. Heather O'Connor, Oklahoma City

1. Brittany Delgado, Oklahoma City
2. Marina Lambert, King
3. Lakia Henderson, Cumberlands
4. Kera Scott, Cumberlands
5. Angela Vvborny, Wayland Baptist
6. Paloma Basuito, Missouri Valley
7. Kimberly Andrade, Menlo
8. Kerri Bumpers, King