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King Holds at No. 2, Revelle Races into Rankings

King Holds at No. 2, Revelle Races into Rankings
BRISTOL, Tenn. – Heading into the weeks that lead toward the 2012 WCWA National Tournament, the latest Women's College Wrestling Association rankings have been released revealing 13 team members in the top-8 of their respective weight classes, including newcomer Krista Revelle. The Lady Tornado also retained their No. 2 rankings in the team national poll.

Revelle, native of Meriden, Kan., burst onto the scene notching a 3-0 record at last weekend's NCWA National Duals in her first collegiate action. She surrendered just two points in her three wins and earned a number-two ranking at the 136-pound weight class in just her first week of action. Revelle joined the Tornado as a first-year student this January after graduating from her respective high school early.

Three King wrestlers took top-ranked spots in their respective weight classes, including Alli Ragan (Carbondale, Ill.) at 143 pounds. Emily Martin (Frisco, Texas) kept her No. 1 rankings for the fifth consecutive month at the 109-pound division and Julia Salata moved up to the 170-pound division where she resides atop the poll.

Kayla Brendlinger (Slippery Rock, Pa.) went from being No. 6 at 123 pounds to the No. 3 spot in the 130-pound weight class. Shannon Constantine (Haverhill, Md.) made a huge jump from the unranked to being named No. 2 at 109 pounds. Samantha Klingel (Kresgeville, Pa.) was tabbed third in the 116-pound division. Complete rankings are listed below.

King remained at No. 2 for the fourth month in a row after moving up two spots in the mid-October ranking. The Lady Tornado will host the 2012 WCWA National Tournament at the Student Complex Center on Saturday, Jan. 28.



#    SCHOOL    Pts.
1 Oklahoma City   74
2 King   58
3 Simon Fraser   42
4 Lindenwood   37
5 Cumberlands   26
6 Wayland Baptist   25
7 Missouri Valley   19
8 Jamestown   13
9 Menlo
10 Waldorf   5


King in the Rankings

101# - No. 2 Shannon Constantine / No. 8 Tatiana Perez
109# - No. 1 Emily Martin
116# - No. 3 Samantha Klingel / No. 7 Kayla Bartosch
123# - No. 5 Sara Hildebrandt
130# - No. 3 Kayla Brendlinger / No. 8 Kat Perez
136# - No. 2 Krista Revelle
143# - No. 1 Alli Ragan
155# - No. 8 Lorrie Ramos
170# - No. 1 Julia Salata
191# - No. 6 Kerri Bumpers




1 Emily Webster Fr. Oklahoma City

2 Shannon Constantine So. King

3 Daphne-Ann Hodgson Jr. Simon Fraser

4 Opelia Felipe Jr. Cumberlands

5 Brianna Rahall So. Oklahoma City

6 Michiko Araki So. Simon Fraser

7 Ofelia Valdez So. Wayland Baptist

8 Tatiana Perez Jr. King



1 Emily Martin Sr. King

2 India Walker Sr. Lindenwood

3 Kristi Garr So. Oklahoma City

4 Michelle Jimenez So. Menlo

5 Laura Richardson Fr. Menlo

6 Britney Heatherly So. Missour Valley

7 Esthefania Jimenez Fr. Oklahoma City

8 Nicole Yarrington Jr. Jamestown



1 Joey Miller Jr. Oklahoma City

2 Chloe Ivanoff So. Simon Fraser

3 Samantha Klingel Fr. King

4 Tessa Ma Jr. Simon Fraser

5 Logan Rich Jr. Oklahoma City

6 Andrea Hughes Sr. Cumberlands

7 Kayla Bartosch So. King

8 Alex Rodriquez Fr. Lindenwood



1 Michaela Hutchison Sr. Oklahoma City

2 Tiffany Sluik Sr. Jamestown

3 Shauna Isbel Jr. Lindenwood

4 Breanna Delgado Fr. Oklahoma City

5 Sara Hildebrandt Fr. King

6 Summer Sistad Sr, Missouri Valley

7 Laura Wilson Sr. Simon Fraser

8 Natlie Rutt So. Jamestown



1 Audrey Morehouse Jr. Oklahoma City

2 Cianah Hee Sr. Cumberlands

3 Kayla Brendlinger Fr. King

4 Laura Gordon Jr. Simon Fraser

5 Roni Goodale Fr. Waldorf

6 Brazel Marques Fr. Menlo

7 Tarkiay Mensah Fr. Wayland Baptist

8 Kat Perez So. King


1 Kerstin Harmon So. Cumberlands

2 Krista Revelle Fr. King

3 Tessa Plana Sr. Oklahoma City

4 Rachael Shannon Jr. Lindenwood

5 Shanice Vernon-Jackson Fr. Wayland Baptist

6 Danielle Curlis Sr. Missouri Valley

7 Hanna Moon Fr. Southwestern CC

8 Breatrize Martinez So. Oklahoma City



1 Alli Ragan So. King

2 Jennifer Page Fr. Oklahoma City

3 Tanya Kusse So. Lindenwood

4 Stephanie Geltmacher So. Oklahoma City

5 Tamyra Mensah Fr. Wayland Baptist

6 Sidney Morrison Jr. Simon Fraser

7 Frances Eflong So. Missouri Valley

8 April Ritts Fr. Waldorf



1 Kristie Davis Sr. Oklahoma City

2 Jenna McLatchy So. Simon Fraser

3 Brittany David So. Lindenwood

4 Valerie Rosales Fr. Wayland Baptist

5 Demi Stub Fr. Oklahoma City

6 Jordan Hagerman Jr. Missouri Valley

7 Sydney Nelson Jr. Cumberlands

8 Lorrie Ramos Fr. King



1 Julia Salata Fr. King

2 Brittney Roberts Jr. Oklahoma City

3 Kendra Lewis Sr. Lindenwood

4 Justine Distassio So. Simon Fraser

5 Heather O'Connor Fr. Oklahoma City

6 Brittany Jones So. Missouri Valley

7 Brenda Mendoza FR. Wayland Baptist

8 Loraine Herrera So. Wayland Baptist



1 Brittany Delgado Sr. Oklahoma City

2 Hillary Greening Sr. Simon Fraser

3 Miriam Moreno Fr. Wayland Baptist

4 Angela Vvborny So. Wayland Baptist

5 Chelse Fleming Jr. Jamestown

6 Kerri Bumpers Fr. King

7 Palamo Basulto So. Missouri Valley

8 Jennette Mitchell So. Cumberlands